What if.

You could learn..
● Product management from the best in the business?● Copywriting from the best copywriting practitioner ?● Data science from a practitioner data scientist ?
In a format you are most familiar with? 
And importantly, for free !! 
For free? Is that even possible?
Professional learning business has been all about companies trying to sell you content which you (and your job) never needed, selling you courses and not skills (bad news: 87% of traditional course learning is lost within a few hours of course completion, as per Gartner).
And on top of that, these are extremely expensive affairs. 
Why do I have to be DAMN RICH to acquire skills?
Covid-19 is leaving a deep cut in the current job market - and the only way for one to stay ahead is by learning industry-ready skills - on a daily basis.
It’s 2020 - the last innovation in professional learning was more than 10 years back. Your preference has changed, your consumption format has changed.
The way you learn also needs to!
Meet FWD
FWD brings a product-led approach to skilling - enabling anyone to acquire an industry-ready skill, without burning a hole in their pocket.
Taught by battle-hard practitioners, expect industry-ready skilling in the most familiar format (namaskar: Insta, kemche: Tinder).
We started FWD with a basic hypothesis:
● The world is better off if engineers can transform into product engineers.● If product managers can be a little more empathetic.● If engineering leads can be a little more articulate.
These are skills and they can be learnt.
Yep. Say hi to FWD. 
FWD is currently in early beta and will be accessible to early users in the month of July.

“Loved the swipe approach. Loved how it is crisp and to the point. No long winding videos which drag on for no reason. The quick quizzes help reinforce the learning”

Pooja Bhatia

Head of Strategy & Growth (Edtech company).

We are hiring.

We are building a remote team. You can be anywhere in the world. 
As an early team member, expect a crazy yet fulfilling ride and importantly, an opportunity to move the world.. FWD>